• 07/05/2014 Follow me, the long awaited new hardcore release created by Hellseekhaa is out on Gunpowder Rec.

  • 26/05/2013 Only 4 Partyrockers, a compilation of some of the best Electro tracks released on Only4Money Rec. so far

  • 13/02/2013 My Hardcore Effort, an album by Gif Phobia containing some selected tracks for big distribution channels like iTunes and Beatport

  • 19/09/2012 New Electro House release on Only4Money Rec. by Music Junk. This time the contamination comes from dubstep style and also from typical club house music. Enjoy another different O4M release!

  • 20/06/2012 Once again the dark dramatic hardstyle touch of Acid Bunny signs the new Tersikore release, this time in featuring with Hard Howz! For all the followers of the dark side of this genre, we are proud to announce another stout project. The EP includes also an interesting and hard Experiment produced by Noisyboy, don’t miss to check the talent of this newcomer!

  • 13/06/2012 An Amalgamation of different styles and sounds, influences and tastes, are the ingredients of the new long awaited GPW016, created by the soldiers of the Gunpowder Records. Enjoy the noise of the real underground Hardcore scene!

  • 08/05/2012 New Electro release with trance and progressive house influences created by Nico Otten. The O4M014 contains two cool tracks, ready to kick in the summer season, so don't miss them!

  • 08/12/2011 He is jumping around, looking at us with that satanic grin and bringing on the dancefloors another dark hardstyle project. Acid Bunny is on Tersikore again with his typical minimal and distressing. On this release you will find also a cool rmx by Enigmato.

  • 14/11/2011 You can hear them whisper, you can see them move fast, together they create a big mess, a electro groove! We finally figured out who tried to capture the weevils in recent months, but during the recording they remained in the mix murmuring “We Are The Weevils”! Well, so here we are to announce the new cool electro project of Cj Daft, equipped with also a solid rmx. Check it out!

  • 09/11/2011 The muse has spoken again ... a new hardstyle project has been released, signed by Lisboa-X with his recognizable touch. The new TRK contains also a cool RMX by The Arrivalz, so another solid release on Tersikore Rec. for all the hardstyle lovers, do not miss it!

  • 08/10/2011 Has been a long time since we selected a new talent to bring into the family, and after a long and careful selection we are delighted to announce that a new soldier joins the Gunpowder Rec! The talented and creative Odious, already known for the great past release (the strong GPW011) as guest producer, is now officially a new soldier of the Adverso Flumine project!

  • 12/09/2011 Out now the O4M012! This new Electro release has been created by Melody of Elements from Ukraina and contains two bombs with influences from dubstep to trance. Check it out: www.only4money.com

  • 14/06/2011 Here we are with the new Gunpowder release. This is the EP that presents to our followers the skills of Marina as hardcore producer and of course singer (with this time influences from pop music and also opera) together with the well known Angry Tolerance and they brutal beats mixed masterfully with orchestra elements and fresh sounds.

  • 8/06/2011 The new O4M release is a powerful and original electro project created by Marina Borodina and Vitali Ivanzov. The rich and deep voice of her is combined with an energetic groove where we can hear the influences from the hardest side of dance music of Vitali. Both the artists have Russian origins and you can feel something different from the typical electro releases in this new project.

  • 6/06/2011 Lisboa-X signs another strong Tersikore release! Here we are again to present the new project invoked by this skilled Hardstyle producer, containing two grooving thunders ready to create dance floor carnage, due to the new RAW influences followed by Lisboa-X (and his friend Armenianboy).

  • 18/05/2011 It’s time again to let some space at the new talents from the underground hardcore scene... The GPW014 is created by Pipe Dream and bring to your ears three interesting tracks with different influences from dubstep, speedcore, hardstlye genres to create a final wide spectrum of banging bass impulses. Enjoy the new Gunpowder but make sure to have deep walls!

  • 01/03/2011 New ways in promotion... Adverso Flumine proudly presents the official App dedicated to the sound of our Only4Money label. If you like dance electronic music you can't miss this free application. You will listen a cool preview of our releases thanks to 10 full-length songs provided in high quality audio format. Available on Apple Store for Ipad and on Android Market for smartphones

    Apple Android

  • 10/02/2011 The new O4M010 changes once again the style of the label and brings another particular electronic project… this time you can feel a mix of live music injected in a electro structure, with slow and fat bass grooves driven by a so cool voice. Metaharmoniks is a new duo from Russia, born in the 2009 as an alternative musical project mixing different styles and fresh ideas but with a main electronic direction. Enjoy the vibes!

  • 12/01/2011 Acid Bunny presents the new interesting Tersikore release, composed by two new and dark Hardstyle bombs. The project as usual doesn’t follow the canonic sound and the boring rules you find around, but you will feel again the minimal dramatic atmosphere and the linear cold structure of this producer. Not conventional Hardstyle vibes signed TRK! Check the audio previews and tracklist

  • 11/10/2010 After a long wait, on October 13th the GPW013 will finally hurt the scene! On this new EP there are two volcanic tracks signed by Gif Phobia that continues to explore a style based on hypnotic loops and acid synths, like the proceed of a madafaka train. He admits that this sophisticated simplicity is due to a real hardcore aim, because nothing else is needed on the dancefloors! Check the audio previews and tracklist

  • 03/10/2010 During the last years we tried several digital distribution channels, the most of them with poor results due to the problems that afflict this new market or bad managing of that digital shops owners. As you can see on our catalogue pages, we now kept just few of them. Today we are glad to announce a new digital partner for our distribution: Hardtunes.com

  • 28/09/2010 The muse of hard dance is back, once again invoked by Lisboa-X together with his friend ArmenianBoy and she will release her hardstyle music directly into the Night! Tersikore rec. presents the new TRK017, a double sampler with a new strong collaboration project and a solid remix by Yofridiz… check the audio previews and the direct links where to buy it!

  • 19/09/2010 Finally here it is the new web site of the Adverso Flumine project! This third version (from the start of the project... it was the far 2005...) is more lite and clear, we hope you will like it. Actually there are still some section under re-construction, so please be patient until every points will be fixed. Also, we started a new twitter account for the entire company, so be sure to follow it to stay updated with all news and next releases.

  • 23/03/2010 This is hard music, not pop music - that's the main message of the new Tersikore release! After a long break Acid Bunny is back with his minimal and dramatic touch, two hardstlye bombs with epic atmosphere and liner floorfilla grooves. We don’t care if the pink bubblegum djs out there don’t support us, Tersikore sound it’s a reality from the deep underground hardstyle scene.

  • 02/03/2010 Apex Mind back to the roots to bring you the long awaited new Tersikore release. We don’t care about trends and rules, we release what we like and what our followers love, so prepare yourself for a dark hardstyle project, containing two new rmx of the already appreciated Light of Darkness, plus two new demons. Energetic beats and doping flow will push this style on the right direction!

  • 16/02/2010 The new Dave Dope’s release bring out an industrial dirty mainstyle project reflecting the deep hardcore spirit of this producer. Two floordestructa tracks created for the healh of your bangin hearing. Be careful, don’t listen them with quiet volume.

  • 30/11/2009 Tersikore Rec. proudly presents the TRK014, a new hardstyle masterpiece signed by Lisboa-X in collaboration with his friend ArmenianBoy. The style of this release follows the main actual European trend and bring you a imposing floorkilla. You will find also a strong hardcore remix created by Emphasis. This time Tersikore surpass itself: one release, two music styles for all the hard lovers out there!

  • 27/11/2009 Gunpower Rec. continues the research of new talents into the deep underground scene and once again we are proud to present you the new GPW011, a really fresh and strong hardcore project that show you the interesting newcomer style of Odious, a producer that for sure knows how to filter the kicks and create floorfilla riff to bring you some cool noise! So, the release contains 3 tracks that are ready to fit in all the djsets out there, slow intro or bangin fast end-set, you got what you need!

  • 15/09/2009 Finally the long awaited GPW010 is ready! Once again the Gunpowder Rec. brings you an absolutly slamming release composed by 4 monster tracks that, following the typical GPW mission, provides various hardcore styles ready for all the dj bags out there, from mainstream to faster and industrial sounds. RELEASE DATE: 21-09-2009, pre-order your copy!!!

  • 16/07/2009 The senior of Tersikore rec. is back with a new solo release. Two massive hardstyle songs created with the unmistakable and veteran style of Lisboa-x are ready to devastate all the gigs out there!

  • 17/06/2009 The Tersikore Rec. proudly presents the new chapter of the Hardstyle Projenie compilation. As usual for this label you will find new and unreleased tracks created by the member artists of the crew plus some selected external newcomers, because the Projenie series is a real underground project dedicated to the real underground scene! We bring you again its typical and multiple mix of styles and influences with 11 fresh Hardstyle tracks!

  • 25/04/2009 Out now the official compilation of the In Qontrol 2009 event. On the hardcore cd you will find also the track DIG IT done by Gif Phobia. Gunpowder style signed a really important release (and a so cool compilation), enjoy the noise guys!

  • 15/04/2009 Finally the new GPW is ready! Gunpowder Rec is known also for the effort invested to help and find newcomers and talents from the deeper underground scene and give them a first opportunity. So this time we are proud to present you the first ever Northern Irish hardcore artist to have a official release. Xeno bring us three strong tracks, in particulary The future that has the numbers to become a fuckin floorfilla. Enjoy the irish noise, the time for a hard awakening is now!

  • 19/03/2009 The Adverso Flumine radio show will blast the upcoming weekend! No need of gigs this time, two days of dj-mixes via streaming on the cool Hardfm web radio will bring in your home enough noise. Gunpowder and Tersikore artists plus external guests have created the biggest hardcore and hardstyle radio show never listened before. Check on last.fm the complete time table and follow the Adverso Flumine's vibe directly on air!

  • 13/01/2009 Here we are to announce the first release of this new year, the Tersikore 012! On this new hardstyle project Acid Bunny explore new dimensions and bring his own style on a high level. Five bricks build a massive wall with fresh peculiarities that the stereotyped noise can not pull down as usual for the Tersikore Rec. So, are you ready to jump with the Bunny? No other possibilities for the dancefloor! Digital release available on all our partners

  • 29/11/2008 Dave Dope is back with a new solo hardstyle release. Together with his friends MC Flash, Bassjunky, Burnin Diazz and Miss Vera the talentous Dave compiled a strong and complete 4 tracks project, following the actual hardstyle rules but adding his original style! Available via digital download on our distro partners.

  • 07/11/2008 We heard it moaning all through the nights and we declare is a distortion prisoner. Tonight we liberate the new GPW008, a dirty and industrial hardcore release produced by Angry Tolerance AKA The Illuminati AKA Apex Mind. Backup your audio equipment before to play it... could be really dangerous!

  • 06/11/2008 Out now a new strong hardstyle/jumpstyle compilation called 'Shuffle Moves Vol.1' that includes also the track Madman (Matteo's day) produced by dj Fivan. Song taken from the last TRK010!

  • 31/10/2008 The TRK010 has been released also in digital format... but with a big surprise. Due to the importance of the release (yeah number 10 on the Tersikore Rec.) the digital release will contains 3 more tracks then the vinyl release: the strong RMXs by Hardbass Warriorz and dj Extreme, and a featuring cool song by Apex Mind and Lemon. Yes, the Italian Mafiosi some time can also be gentleman, but do not expect mercy from their sound!

  • 20/09/2008 Finally the on-line shop with the first items of the AF Merchandise is on-line.

  • 10/09/2008 We are gangsters. We kill for money and respect. If you fuck with our business, you wont survive, we promise you. People kill and people die, we shall be at war. Forever... This is the main message of the new TRK010 and who can declare this better then an italian label? Apex Mind sign their definitive proclamation in the hardstyle scenery with this demoniac release including two versions of their last precious stone 'We are Mafia'. As bonus track you will find also the last train called 'Madman' created by the eclectic dj Fivan.

  • 01/09/2008 HARDCORE PROJENIE is the new digital hardcore compilation signed Gunpowder Rec.! It includes new tracks created by the producers of GPW but also some external guest talents, because for us a strong release not means only wellknown big names or fuckin' superstars. This is a real underground compilation by a real underground label! Check the tracklist and direct links on our digital-street section... as usual, save the music and download legally!

  • 18/09/2008 Finally it's out the new chapter of 'Hands up for Hardstyle' compilation. On this vol3 there is a massive presence of Tersikore Rec. with the 3 hardstyle bombs done by Lisboa-x (taken from TRK008) and one by Acid Bunny (taken from TRK009). Check it out, this is a double cd compilation you must collect!

  • 04/09/2008 Out now a new amazing hardstyle compilation called HARDER FASTER STRONGER released by Digidance that includes the new remix (done by Plazmavort) of Why?, one of the most appreciated track by our Lisboa-x!

  • 01/09/2008 Out now the digital release of Italian Hardtraxx vol.2, the official compilation of the most important italian portal dedicated to hardstyle music. This new release has been powered by Tersikore Rec., and included in the tracklist you can find also a new massive track by Dj Fivan called MADMAN! The compilation is available on our digital partners. Support, buy and enjoy the noise!

  • 31/05/2008 Out now the new Tersikore 009 only digital release! You know, here at Adverso Flumine we like to mix different influences and styles from all the world, and this time we present to our followers a massive 5 tracks digital EP created by dj Acid Bunny from Poland! You will find also two remixs from the producers Dave Dope (a mainstream floorfilla) and Apex Mind (an experimental metalnoise rmx).

  • 28/05/2008 After a period of exclusive on TrackItDown, our sample pack is now available also on DjDownload.com. As you can reminder, this is not a simply drums sounds or already listened synth leads package. In this release there are massive royalty free samples taken from the dungeons of the AF artists, really useful to create Hardcore, Hardstyle, Hardtrance, Jump music, or simply to add that strong and raw feeling at your productions!

  • 15/05/2008 The TERSIKORE Sound is hurting also the French hardstyle scene! Out now a new cool compilation mixed by Major Bryce that contains Demons From Hell by Apex Mind. Oh yes baby, their old first TRK release is still creating noise!

  • 13/05/2008 Adverso Flumine is now distributed also in Portugal via digital download service provided by a new interesting on-line shop called BubbleBeat. For now you can find only the last releases of our labels, but soon we will load the entire catalogues. One more time... Save the music man, download legally!

  • 10/03/2008 It's finally time to speak up about the new GPW007... After a long time dedicated to the building of his kingdom, to push and improve the Adverso Flumine project and to promote his soldiers, Gif Phobia is back with a new solo production! Two particularly hardcore songs with that strange feeling typical of the phobia style will submerge all the shelters out there. Listen the audio preview and remember, Hardcore is like a religion and THE NOISE MUST BE YOUR CREED!
Next releases

Tersikore Rec. - tba (hardstyle music)

Gunpowder Rec. - tba (hardcore music)

Only4Money Rec. - tba (electro music)

Adverso Flumine is born at the begin of 2005 as indipendent music company dedicated to the underground side of electronic hard dance scene.
Actually AF is subdivided into three labels, GUNPOWDER Rec. dedicated to Hardcore music, TERSIKORE Rec. dedicated to Hardstyle music and the younger ONLY4MONEY Rec. dedicated to Electro music.
Its owner Dr. Guglielmana (aka Gif Phobia), after some years as producer under G-Net/Traxtorm records, a long time of introspective analysis, planning, research and contacts, and a strong desire to be in control of every aspect of his personal dream, decided in the 2005 to start with his own project. So it was time to walk alone "against the current" and the Adverso Flumine saw the light!
The main office and studio are located on the shore of the Como's Lake in Italy, where the calm sensation of the water are disturbed by the powerful vibes created in the underground of our company. All music is mastered at AF's own studio. All promotion, preparation, artwork and promotional design are also realized within the company itself.